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Advanced Remedial Vastu Training

The Science of Vasteriology with its principles, tools and remedies has been discovered by Dr. Kunal Kaushik.


  1. Camphor Crystals
  2. Mirrors
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Copper plates & wires
  5. Wind chimes & Sound sensations  
  6. Crystal ball
  7. Other stones used for remedies
  8. Energy healing
  9. Guarding & Remedies through Mythological signs &  pictures
  10. Furniture as a remedy
  11. Paintings as a remedy
  12. Statues as a remedy
  1. Memory & grasping power
  2. Tension free environment
  3. Good married relationship
  4. Health
  5. Over all harmony in family
  6. Restful sleep
  7. Career prospects & opportunities
  8. Over all growth & prosperity
  9. Business growth & development
  10. Low labour turnover & high efficiency
  11. Over all peace & harmony in commercial environment


  1. Geopathic Stress in detail
  2. Reasons in detail
  3. Solutions for Geopathic Stress


  1. Auspicious Plants
  2. Inauspicious Plants
  3. Low Allergy Plants
  4. Poisonous Plants
  5. Vegetation around a building
  1.  Vaastu colours with research referencing
  2.  Colours & Psychology
  3.  Creative use of colours
  4.  Activation & Rectification of buildings
  5. Colours & diseases
  1. Major and minor defects
  2. Defects and their effects
  3. Concept of remedial measures & techniques
  4. Correction with Demolition
  5. Correction without Demolition
  1. Placements in the plot
  2. Placements in the building in Industry, Showroom, Shop, Complex, Offices & Malls
  1. Placement of furniture
  2. Placement of Machinery
  3. Placement of Labour Rooms
  4. Raw Materials, Finished Goods etc
  5. Generator, Transformer & chiller plants etc
  6. Openings
  7. Loading & Slope pattern
  8. Building & Interior Material
  9. Design & Decoration as per Vastu
  10. Colour scheme
  11. Other tips


  1. Openings
  2. Loading & Slope pattern
  3. Shops & Showrooms
  4. Building & Interior Material
  5. Design & Decoration as per Vastu
  6. Colour scheme
  7. Music & aromas
  8. Other tips
Showroom & Shop
  1. Placement of furniture
  2. Openings
  3. Improving Sales through Vastu
  4. Cash Position
  5. Loading & Slope pattern
  6. Building & Interior Material
  7. Design & Decoration as per Vastu
  8. Colour scheme
  9. Music & aromas
  10. Other tips
Reception & sitting area with research referencing
Administration Department
Marketing Department
Accounts Department
CEO cabin
  1. Kids and Directions
  2. Kitchen - Details
  3. Bathroom - Details
  4. Bedroom - Details
  5. Kids room – Details
  6. Stairs - Details
  7. Furniture - Details
  8. Paintings - Details
  9. Statues - Details

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About Dr. kunal kaushik

Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu & Feng Shui Expert In The world who practices Scientific Vastu & Feng Shui By Incorporating the Logical and practical principles of the same into a client's premise. He is a Scientific Vastu Consultant and only advocates Scientific Vaastu and Vastu Without Demolition. He is one of the Most famous and sought after occult science expert who only practices Instrumental Vastu and Feng Shui without having anything to do with the superstitions that are prevailing in the minds of people these days. He uses more than 15 Scientific Instruments for checking Defects Like Electromagnetic Radiations, Earth Energy, Parallel Radiations, Telluric Energy, Diagonal Field, Cosmo Telluric Channel, Cardinal Points, Sick Building Syndrome, Global Field, EMW, Geopathic Stress etc. Call Dr. Kunal Kaushik Today For Consultation +91-9871117222 (tollfree), +91-9811167701 (tollfree). You can also consult with him online by filling up the form given below:

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