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Basic Vastu Training

Now its your chance to receive the finest Vastu Training through our Vastu Vastu Educational Program. This Basic Vastu Course Lays down a foundation for those who want ot make a career out of it.

Advanced Remedial Vastu Training

The second level of Vastu Training which will take you one step closer to learning the principles of Vastu Shastra in an extensive way. Acertificate course that imparts elementry level knowledege in Vastu.

Vedic And Architecture Vastu Training

Vastu is deep rooted in the vedas this course a glance into how Vastu was carried out during the Vedic period and how its principles were incorporated in the Vedic Architecture

Instrument Training

instrument training for vastu is a very rare course that is provided by Dr. Kunal Kaushik because in this day and age science has taken the front seat and instruments are an inegral part of scientific vastu training.

Sick Building Syndrome Training

Sick buildings are essentially those buildings that have major vastu flaws in them. We teach you how to remove those vastu flaws with the help of the ancient but scientific vastu science.

Vastu Interiors Training

Learn placement and positioning according to the facets of vastu since interiors play a vital role in incorporating vastu in a site. Designing of a premise should be ideally done according to vastu.

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