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FENG SHUI (say “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to maximize the beneficial movement of chi—the life force present in all things—through your home. Feng shui means “wind and water.” Just as fresh air, clean water, and organic foods nourish our physical bodies, so does fresh, clean chi nourish our lives.

Chi wants to meander through your home like a gentle breeze or a winding stream. Where the flow of chi in your home is blocked or weak, it becomes like am pond choked with algae and fallen leaves. You may feel tired, depressed, unable to focus, hampered in your efforts to move forward in your life and connect with a potential partner.

Where chi flows too strongly, it is like a hurricane or flood. You may feel out of control, overly emotional, or anxious much of the time. Communication becomes more difficult, and relationships can feel unstable as you struggle to “keep your head above water” through what may seem like an endless string of bad luck. Feng shui uses shape, color, texture, sound, light, symbolic imagery and the arrangement of your furniture to adjust the energy of your home. Positive influences are encouraged and enhanced, while negative factors are corrected. The goal is to create an attractive, safe, and nurturing space where you can live in comfort and more effectively and successfully pursue your goals for a fulfilling love life.

A key principle of contemporary Western feng shui is that certain areas of your home have a strong impact on specific aspects of your life. When the areas of your home affecting your love life are cluttered, stagnant, or missing from your floor plan, it can be difficult to attract and maintain a good relationship. Other feng shui problems that may affect relationships include sha chi (negative energy) such as an exposed beam directly over your bed.

There are various ways by which one can get a Feng Shui Site Visit done. Online Consultation of Feng Shui is also gaining popularity these days. Feng Shui Map Checkup is also one such way by which one can plan a building according to the facets and ideals of Fengshui. Fengshui is one such science that has made its mark with the ideals that it poses.

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Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu & Feng Shui Expert In The world who practices Scientific Vastu & Feng Shui By Incorporating the Logical and practical principles of the same into a client's premise. He is a Scientific Vastu Consultant and only advocates Scientific Vaastu and Vastu Without Demolition. He is one of the Most famous and sought after occult science expert who only practices Instrumental Vastu and Feng Shui without having anything to do with the superstitions that are prevailing in the minds of people these days. He uses more than 15 Scientific Instruments for checking Defects Like Electromagnetic Radiations, Earth Energy, Parallel Radiations, Telluric Energy, Diagonal Field, Cosmo Telluric Channel, Cardinal Points, Sick Building Syndrome, Global Field, EMW, Geopathic Stress etc. Call Dr. Kunal Kaushik Today For Consultation +91-9871117222 (tollfree), +91-9811167701 (tollfree). You can also consult with him online by filling up the form given below:

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